When the darkness surrounds you and the reality haunts you,

When you look for someone and you find no one,

When shriek in pain and call out in vain,

You find that someone you who extricates you from the darkness.

Someone so close yet so far, your heart flutters, your mind gives up.

You may quiver in pain but their hand holds firm,

You may question the same but it’s not a sham.

The way you look, the way you say,

The way of the world shall never be the same,

The look in the eye, the feeling so vague,

The rhythm of your heart shall never be the same.

For who is this person?

One may wonder.

Where shall I search thee?

One may ponder.

All the answers are in your heart,

Just search deeper…

…you are right.

lost in my thoughts

Love in the world and love in the word are not to love and not to hate.

The love in the eyes and eyes of the love are not to love and not to hate.

The heart of the soul manifests the soul of the heart, but wonder why the heart and soul scuffle on the issue that not even the brain can define??

Love blinds you, the world has said; love binds you is what I have learnt; but why does it blind you and bind you in the single instance?

Five fingers on your hand neither two are the same; many love in your life neither two are the same. Wonder why they cannot be displaced or replaced?

Questions in my mind, Riddles in my heart

Bonus to life